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Welcome Join us in Foreign Trade

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If you are a foreign trade corporation or if you are interested in equipment procurement, please contact us with no hesitation, because we are the largest equipment manufacturing group in Western China; we are specialty in this field; we are capable of providing you superior products and services; we have developed various series of products with excellent quality enjoying high reputation both at home and abroad. We are CME, a reliable state-owned holding group.
Our exports products includes,
    nuclear secondary pumps
    nuclear centrifugal chiller sets
    small and medium water-turbine generators
    high precision CNC machine tools
    high-power diesel engine
    medium and high pressure compressors
    wind turbines and blades
    transformers
    wires & cables
    ……
   CHENG Guojia    +86-023-63075675      chengguojia@cme-cq.com
   JIN Li        +86-023-63076837     jinli@ cme-cq.com
   ZHOU Wei       +86-023-63076836       zhouwei@cme-cq.com

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