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Chongqing Gas Compressor Factory Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as “CCF”) is a SOE established in 1958, subsidiary of CME, and designated by the state to produce military and civil compressors, it has been providing varied gas compressors and auxiliary equipment for the navy, army and air forces and for local civil uses for years, and it has undertaken many national and local scientific research projects.

CCF is a recommended manufacturer of support equipment for national hydro-power engineering, one of the main production bases of middle and low pressure compressors, one of the earliest professional manufacturers of compressor for CNG station and its complete equipment, and the only professional manufacturer of complete equipment for CNG station recommended by the Ministry of Science and Technology. CCF is also qualified for installation of mechanical and electric equipment, design and manufacturing of Class 1 and Class 2 and Class 3 pressure vessels, installation of GC2 and GB1 pressure piping, and installation of Grade A1 pressure vessel.

The products of CCF have been exported to Russian, India, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Bengal, Myanmar, Holland, Vietnam, Sudan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia etc. CCF undertook many CNG station projects one after another in countries like Myanmar, Bengal, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, etc.

Now CCF is sincerely recruiting agencies from Southeast Asia, if you are interested in, and willing to make a common development with CCF, please contact us as soon as possible.

Contact Way
CCF Website:http://www.cqcompressor.com/
Liaisons:CHENG Guojia    +86-023-63075675        chengguojia@cme-cq.com
                ZHOU Wei       +86-023-63076836       zhouwei@cme-cq.com

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