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Investment & Talents Opportunities of Chongqing Gas Compressor Factory Co., Ltd.

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Chongqing Gas Compressor Factory Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as “CCF”) is a SOE established in 1958, and designated by the state to produce military and civil compressors, it has been providing varied gas compressors and auxiliary equipment for the navy, army and air forces and for local civil uses for years, and it has undertaken many national and local scientific research projects. Now CCF is looking for a strategic partner on a global scale to develop together and gain a further mutual benefit.
Cooperation Intention
      1. Introducing complete set of production technology information of world-class high-end reciprocating compressor piston compressor, including its product drawings, production technology etc.
         Technical index is:power≥280KW, speed ≥1500 r/min, energy for level 1.
      2. Establishing a joint venture in Chongqing with CCF through kinds of investment ways such as overseas capital, technology, and product etc.
      3. Recruiting 1-3 high-end reciprocating piston compressor R&D personnel, who is required to be (or once before retired) a senior engineering and technical personnel specialize in reciprocating piston compressor.
Contact Way
      CCF Website:http://www.cqcompressor.com/
      Liaisons:CHENG Guojia    +86-023-63075675        chengguojia@cme-cq.com
                       ZHOU Wei       +86-023-63076836       zhouwei@cme-cq.com

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