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Mayor HUANG Qifan Met with the US Cummins Group President FENG Tianxiang

作者:发布日期:2016/7/15 9:10:01关注:6097

On 23th June, Mayor HUANG Qifan met with a delegation headed by FENG Tianxiang, the president of US Cummins Group. They exchanged views on deepening bilateral cooperation.
HUANG said: “For the past few years, Chongqing industry realized a fast sound development by following the industrial chains clustered path. Furthermore, Chongqing vigorously promoted the strategic emerging industries to facilitate Chongqing industry a sustainable development. Cummins group and Chongqing has collaborated for years, with the well-developed joint venture in Chongqing. There is a promising market for the products, which is corresponding to the strategic emerging industries well. Chongqing government would like to see and support the JV to grow bigger and stronger, so that the two parts can achieve mutual benefits and win-win results.”

                                                                                                                          (Xinhua Online)
FENG Tianxiang states: “Cummins quite appreciates that Chongqing has a foresight industry develop strategy and very powerful execution. We would like to increase the investment in Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd to accelerate the construction of high-powered engines R&D center and new factory project.”

CME Chairman WANG Yuxiang was meeting with the President of Cummins Feng Tianxiang, and they had a pleasant discussion.

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